“Don’t simply retire from something;
have something to retire to.”

In the volatile world economy we are facing, an informed consumer is simply “treading water”. An ill-informed consumer is adrift and sinking, especially when it comes to financial markets and financial products you need to depend on to get get you through the rest of your life. To retire safely, you need an experienced and insightful financial adviser that help you, guide you and listen to you.

If you are like most Americans, you inactively manage their retirement contributions or leave it up to their employer’s financial products vendor to make critical decisions. First Cardinal Financial Services believes that retirement is one if not the most important investment you will ever make. Your plan or lack thereof will affect not just you, but your children, your loved ones and may well have a trickle down effect for generations to come. Do you know what you are retiring to? Do have a plan that includes your interests and the quality of life you envision your retirement being.

If you are retired, getting ready to retire, have a 401(k), 403(b) or similar employer plan you need to rollover, or even if you are just getting started in your career, let First Cardinal Financial Services help your long term retirement vision become your best reality. Contact us for a complete audit of your financial outlook. Together, we will help determine the best strategies and our team will match you to the best “A-rated” financial carriers and products for your long and short term goals, risk-tolerance, tax and estate implications and give you the financial tools to make your retirement portfolio work for you and work overtime.





Royal Fund Management


Royal Fund Management offers Independent Fiduciary Responsibility. As a fee only investment advisory firm, Royal Fund Management does not sell financial products or receive commissions. Therefore, we are obligated, as fiduciaries, to act in the best interest of our clients.

Royal Fund Management was founded by Mark Sorensen. Mark believes that the fee based advisory platform increases the potential to add value.  Why? There are no product commissions to cloud the advisors judgment when choosing appropriate investments.  And, the firm’s compensation is directly correlated to the value of a client’s managed account.  This keeps our Client First.  Click here to learn more.





First Cardinal Financial Services, LLC is a BBB Accredited Retirement Planner in Tampa, FL